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Bank Books has an atmosphere like no other! Walking into our used bookstore feels like you’re stepping right into the pages of your favorite novel! Located in the heart of Downtown Martinsburg, WV, our knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you find your next adventure to read. From out-of-this-world science fiction to helpful cook books to mesmerizing romance novels, we have a vast selection of books to choose from.

Whether you’d like to read in our bank-turned-bookstore, custom order a book, or donate your novels, Bank Books looks forward to seeing you!

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Local Book Store - Martinsburg, WV

Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi Books & More!

If you can think of a genre, Bank Books has it! We offer a wide array of books and services to customers throughout Martinsburg, WV. Whether you’d like to custom order a book, lounge and read in our one-of-a -kind bookstore, or donate books, we have dedicated staff to fulfill your needs. We strive to give books a great home whether that is with you and your family or at our bookstore.

Second Hand Book Store - Martinsburg, WV


Do you buy books?

No, we do not buy books. We take in books donations for which we give some in-store credit.

What type of books do you take in?

We take any books in clean condition, free of water and mold damage and excess dirt. We do take textbooks, computer books, and former library books. We do not accept magazines or pamphlets.

Do you throw away books?

We try to send no books to the landfill. If they are severely damaged or incomplete, we take them to recycle. All other books we do our best to find new homes for.

What are your store policies?

Coming Soon!

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Our Readers Are Talking

“Wonderful bookstore! Friendly staff. They helped us with restaurant recommendations and even gave us a map. They had an old copy of Encyclopedia Brown that I used to read when I was young.”


“This is a great unique book store with friendly, helpful staff and reasonable prices. A large collection of books can be found in a maze of hallways and a bank vault room. Our family loves it!”

Sharon W.

“One of the last remaining used book stores. Privately owned by a nice family. They offer teacher discounts. There are chairs in every section for comfortable browsing. Can’t find what you’re looking for? They’ll find it for you. Plan on an hour plus if you’re a reading enthusiast.”

Veronica E.

“I absolutely adore this business and its treasure trove of literary offerings. It’s a pleasure to make the acquaintance of the enormously kind folks who work there: a wonderful selection and very reasonable prices. The old bank building itself is remarkable to see. In closing, five stars don’t seem fair when reviewing this establishment. They deserve many more.”

Mike F.

From cooking books to romance novels, Bank Books has it all!

Contact us, call at 304-579-7280, or visit us to learn about our vast selection of books!

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Phone: 304-579-7280

Business Hours:

Wednesday-Saturday: 10 AM- 5 PM
Sunday-Tuesday: Closed

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