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Our New Book Club Room!

Bank Books welcomes the Book Huggers Society to the newly minted Bank Books Book Club Room today. We thank them and their moms for their great idea and generous gift of time and effort to get the room ready. 

A cozy space dedicated to reading!

Come in to chat with us about the room.

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More Information

The perfect space to sit down and read a book. 

This is a new project for us. It is a lovely space and we are considering how to make it available to the reading community.

We’re thinking book clubs, birthday parties, tea parties, a quiet reading space far from the madding crowd.

If you are interested please stop by and talk with us about possible use.


With antique decorations and comfortable seating. 

The room is on the second floor of the building and will not be available outside of a reservation system. Also, this is the only room currently open to the public on the second floor.

There has currently been one official book club meeting held in this room. We have big plans and ideas to potentially further expand on this room and maybe even more in the future.


If you’re looking to donate books, order a custom book, or just relax and unwind with a new book, contact us at 304-579-7280 today!

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